Main directions of R&D activity:

The company team is deeply committed in undertaking research that faces problems worth solving, such as:

      • What kind of R & D satisfies best the implementation of advanced technologies into everyday life for sustainable economic and societal development?
      • What kind of business to practice to achieve and promote socio-economic and environmental strategies at national/international level?
      • What kind of teaching, learning and leadership promotes opportunity, achievement and social justice in the 21stcentury?

The main directions of its R&D activities are focused on:

      • Developing technologies for obtaining nanomaterials: from nanoscale structures to manufacturing novel materials with tailored properties and characteristics based on them
      • Development of new methods for selection of strain-producers for microbiology and biotechnology
      • Development of highly efficient technologies for obtaining biologically active substances of microbial originunder own licensing technologies
      • Biosynthesis and isolation of new biologically active substances
      • Microbiological studies of intermediate and final bio-products
      • Analysis and standardization of biologically active substances and their products

R & D Center BIOINTECH engages scientists and specialists from research organizations of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgarian Agricultural Academy, Universities and R&D Centers, as well as from industrial and small innovative enterprises for realization of these research trends.