The company plans to offer the following products:

Biologically active compounds of microbial origin:

Red and yellow pigments from fungi belonging to g. Monascus


    Technologies ready for licensing:

    Production of biologically active substances from microbial origin:

    • BG patents: BG 60416 В1/ 15.03.1995’ BG 60972 В1/ 31.07.1996,
    • EU/USA patents: EP 0 734 449 B1. International publication number: WO 95/14786 (01.06.1995 Gazette 1995/23), US Patent number: 5,627,068, May 6, 1997


    • All-in-one for technologies;
    • Technology Scouting: R&D Center BIOINTECH can provide information on recent available innovations and technologies for specific technological needs, offer comparative analysis to evaluate the potential of an innovative idea or to acquire awareness of similar technologies already applied and exploited in other countries and/or companies.
    • Technology Brokerage: R&D Center BIOINTECH helps to develop industrial partnerships at national and international levels creating links between research and industry.
    • Technology Testing: R&D Center BIOINTECH, through its industrial research laboratory, carries out testing of new applications in industrial sites.
    • Market potential assessment and commercial exploitation: Through effective marketing strategies, business development services, studies and research R&D Center BIOINTECH accelerates market take-up and commercial exploitation of new technologies and business models. R&D Center BIOINTECH enables to define the best market opportunities reducing technology and financial risks.
    • R&D results valorisation and IPR Strategies:
    • Promotion of exchange and synergies between research centres and between research centres and industries, closely collaborating with high level European IPR offices and Universities and fostering the transfer and valorisation of industrial patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
    • R&D Project Financing
    • Assistance to companies to effectively enhance R&D project financing by pooling resources from private and public financial bodies. R&D Center BIOINTECH hence identifies and offers support in the access to the most suitable financial sources for your R&D projects both at National and European levels.
    • Training
    • Offer of specialised training programmes to SMEs and other organisations at national, European and international level on topics such as technology transfer and innovation management; sustainable agriculture; environment and public health protection.
    • Caring out activities of planning, coordination and technical assistance to training programs.
    • Market & Customer Research
    • Preparation of customer situation analysis and customer needs analysis
    • Determination of customers’ price sensitivity by market segment
    • New Product Development
    • Industry trend assessment
    • Customer database services
    • Creating flexible database structures
    • Acquiring and populating databases
    • Reviewing internal databases of prospects and customers
    • Grant Development Services
    • Assistance in developing and executing grant funding programs that meet the strategic goals and objectives of the client.
    • Assistance in all aspects of the process of successful grant funding including: assessment of competencies and capabilities, strategic planning, grant sourcing; in-depth proposal preparation; pre-submission review and editing; analysis of results; assistance with revision and resubmission; post-award administrative assistance and grant management

    The company uses its technological/know-how capacities as a platform in which to launch new products/services. For this purpose, it foresees two-fold strategy that includes:

    • Launching new products: Ag-NPs ON THE AGENDA
    • Launching new services: evaluation of up-concentrate nutrients and bioactives obtained from processed side streams (aquaculture, fisheries and agriculture) in terms of safety, bioactivity and acceptance.