Technological competence

  • Creating novel competitive materials using nanoscale structures and developing manufacturing technologies
  • Developing methods for modifying conventional materials with metal nanoparticles and their chemical compositions in order to impart them novel biocidal properties and improve their physical, chemical and technical properties
  • Obtaining protective coatings with tailored antimicrobial properties

    Basic technologies:

    The following basic technologies have been developed:

    • Technology of manufacturing nanoparticles of silver and other metals in the form of concentrates of colloidal solutions (BG patent application)
    • Technology of modifying various kinds of surfaces and materials (incl., wood, rubber, natural and synthetic fabrics, polymers, with silver nanoparticles in order to impart biocidal properties to them (know-how)
    • Technology of manufacturing of disinfection sprays/solutions (know-how)
    • Technology of manufacturing of disinfection gels (know-how)